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Acton is located in York County, Maine. It includes the villages of South Acton and Miller Corner. It is bordered by Newfield to the north, Lebanon to the south, Shapleigh to the east, and Wakefield and Milton Mills to the west.

Acton is home to the Acton Fairground, which holds the annual Acton Fair in the summer. The town also has many ponds and lakes flowing through it. They include Great East, Mousam Lake, Square Pond, Wilson, Horn Pond, Balch Pond, Loon Pond, Hansen Pond, Moose Pond and Swan Pond and Black Pond.

Each summer, families throughout New England migrate to the numerous lakes that lie within the Shapleigh and Acton area, and motorists enjoy the the area's rolling hills, stone walls, picturesque mountains, and sparkling lake views. Nestled between the rocky Maine coastline and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Shapleigh and Acton are charming, historic towns that capture the spirit of Maine and "The Way Life Should Be."

The quote above is from Author Bio: Debbie Petersen, president of the Acton-Shapleigh Maine Historical Society, has compiled images from the society's archives and the private collections of the towns' residents to bring Shapleigh and Acton together once again between the covers of this book. Petersen is donating all her proceeds to the Acton Shapleigh Historical Society.

According to the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau, Acton’s population at the time was 2,145 people. This included 855 households and 615 families. Acton is comprised of 37.7 square miles of land and 3.4 square miles of water.

Acton Real Estate and Homes: There are 1,910 homes and an average of 51 homes (houses / condos) per square mile. 12% of homes in Acton are occupied by renters. Many homes in Acton are seasonal or vacation homes.

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Acton, Maine is well watered, having within its borders more fresh water than any other town in the county. Great East Lake is partly in New Hampshire and extends three miles across the north end of the town. Mousam Lake extends three miles along the eastern line. Square Pond is partly in Shapleigh and is between Great East Lake and Mousam Lake. Wilson Lake has an area of 640 acres and is located one third of a mile from Great East. Horn Pond, one half mile to the east is the source of the Salmon Falls River. Balch Pond forms two miles of the northern boundary. Loon Pond is west of Mousam and flows into Lower Mousam. Three smaller ponds, Hansen, Moose, and Swan are in the north end of the town, and Black Pond in the South.

Acton ME Waterfront Homes And Vacation Homes For Sale

Balch Lake is a 704 acre artificial lake on the border of Maine and New Hampshire that borders the Maine towns of Acton, Newfield and Shapleigh while also bordering the New Hampshire town of Wakefield. The dam that created the lake was completed in 1900 and it is a mixture of concrete and earthen construction. The surface area of Balch Pond/Lake is 1.1 square miles and extends into New Hampshire where it is known as Stump Pond.

Canoes and car-top boats often put in near the outlet dam off Acton Ridge Road/Shady Nook Road. Those with trailered boats usually gain access at a private landing located on the northeastern side of the ponds

Acton ME Waterfront Homes For Sale - Great East Lake

Great East Lake, Acton ME is a popular destination for vacationers, campers and fishermen. Only an hour and a half from Boston, Great East Lake is a 1,829-acre water body that is shared between the towns of Acton, Maine and Wakefield, New Hampshire. It is known for its clean, clear water. The Great East Lake Improvement Association was founded in 1932 and has been dedicated to the welfare of Great East Lake, its wildlife, and environment since. The nonprofit organization sees education as its primary function to help protect the lake. Search all homes for sale on Great East Lake!

Acton ME Waterfront Homes For Sale - Horn Pond

 Horn Pond is a 227 acres (0.4 sq mi) waterbody located on the border of Acton, Maine and Wakefield, NH in the United States. The lake is both spring-fed and fed by the outflows of Great East Lake to the north and Wilson Lake to the east.Loon Pond, located west of Mousam Lake, is heavily developed with seasonal camps and year-round residences. The lake is a favorite with local fishermen. The lake is also perfect for water-skiing, tubing or kayaking.

Acton ME Waterfront Homes For Sale - Loon Pond

Loon Pond is located west of Mousam Lake, is heavily developed with seasonal camps and year-round residences. This shallow, sandy-bottomed pond provides good habitat for the existing warm water fish species. There is no public boat access, and existing access is via permissive trespass. The Town of Acton owns a small strip of land adjacent to the Boy Scout's Camp Nutter, but this access site is quite limited.

Acton ME Waterfront Homes For Sale - Mousam Lake

Mousam Lake (pronounced mouse-am) is a picture-perfect retreat nestled among southern Maine's piney woods. Just 85 miles from Boston, this three-mile-long lake is nestled between the quaint communities of Acton and Shapleigh near the New Hampshire border. Located in historic York County, the towns have a combined population of about 4,500 residents.

Mousam Lake is one part of a chain of ponds and waterways. Water from Square Pond and Goose Pond feed into Mousam Lake. From here, this natural lake serves as the headwaters for the Mousam River. The Public Works Department in the nearby town of Sanford is responsible for maintaining the water level on the 863-acre lake through Emory Mills Dam (also called Mousam Lake Dam).

Emery Mills Road divides the lake into two basins: Upper Mousam is the widest and deepest part of the lake with a depth of 82 feet; the smaller surface area of Lower Mousam provides calmer lake water, perfect for canoeing or fishing. aka: Upper Mousam Lake, Lower Mousam Lake and Lake Mousam. The lower part of Mousam is also referred to as the “foot of the lake.”

Spot Access: Boat Ramp, Parking (car/truck), Parking (boat/trailer), Picnic Area, Power Boats Allowed, Swimming Area, Shore fishing access, Camping, Beach, Fly Fishing, Wading, Floating, Bait shop on site.

As a resident of Mousam Lake, you will enjoy Maine's quiet rural lifestyle, yet it is within minutes to all that Maine has to offer such as hiking trails, kayaking, shopping and beaches! Come live “the way life should be” on Mousam Lake in Acton Maine!

Acton ME Waterfront Homes For Sale - Square Pond

Square Pond in Acton and Shapleigh, Maine is the perfect spot for local residents and summer vacationers who want to escape the craziness of urban living. At 877 acres and a maximum depth of 44 feet and a mean depth of 20 feet, Square Pond is a small spring-fed body of water that’s easy to get to know. Treasure Island sits on the main part of the lake, while smaller islands are located at the northern end.

Acton ME Waterfront Homes For Sale - Wilson Lake

Wilson Lake is located on Route 109 in Acton, ME - approximately 2 miles from the New Hampshire Border. The lake is 3 miles long by 2 miles wide, and full of bass and trout. Boating is allowed on Wilson Lake. Rolling hills, pine trees, birch trees and only about 100 camps surround the lake.

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